Joshua Cunningham: Further In
Groveland Gallery
Minneapolis, Minnesota
Through January 15, 2022

In Minneapolis, Groveland Gallery is set to host its fourth solo show dedicated to Joshua Cunningham, who lives just across the Mississippi River in St. Paul. On view will be paintings spanning two decades, including ones he self-deprecatingly admits were “started long before I knew how to finish them,” others “created over half a dozen visits to the same place at the same hour,” and still more that “came off the brush fully formed.”

Cunningham notes that his increased teaching load during the pandemic only “deepened my gratitude for the sacrifices and energy that my mentors put into my training, their mentors into them, and so it goes back for generations.” He adds that the newer paintings in the Groveland exhibition are “born of moving further into a deepening gratitude for all those artists who’ve come before.”

Of his verdant landscape painting illustrated here, Cunningham recalls, “There was something about how the undulating rhythms all roll toward the well-worn middle ground that creates a connectedness between the right and left of the canvas. No matter how far our attention strays, there is always a way back to common ground.”

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