Female artist standing in front of her paintings in her gallery
Nicole White Kennedy surrounded by works at her former gallery 2001–2019

How did your career get started?

Nicole White Kennedy, AIS: Following an advertising career in NYC drawing TV storyboards, we decided to move to Raleigh and open a restaurant. I picked up the brush out of necessity to decorate the space and was suddenly inspired. It only took a few surprise sales to launch my art career and even establish a gallery.

How did you develop your unique painting style?

I never knew my style was unique until a renowned instructor told me they could recognize my works. By taking workshops and assimilating new techniques, my works leaned towards colorful impressionism with a narrative flair. My style keeps evolving as I explore creative growth.

How do you describe success?

Getting recognized and juried into national exhibits. One of my first major juried exhibits I caught a lucky break winning an award by a renowned juror, and recently I received an award with NOAPS. Earning Signature Member American Impressionist Society was a huge honor. Being judged by master artists can really boost your confidence, conversely every rejection is an incentive to get back to the easel and try again. Either way I consider it a step towards success.

How do you find inspiration?

Two things: a blank canvas and people watching. Capturing people in a spontaneous moment on canvas… it never gets boring.

To see more of Nicole’s work, visit: www.nicolestudio.com

Oil painting of a seated ballet dancer
Nicole White Kennedy, “Between Poses,” 16 x 12 in., oil — Merit Award NOAPS Fall Online Exhibit 2021
Oil painting of a woman server carrying drinks to an group of people at a lake
Nicole White Kennedy, “Lakeside,” 24 x 24 in., oil on linen, 2021


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