Sculpture of a girl floating on butterflies
Angela Mia de la Vega, Lift Her with Butterflies, Bronze, 69”h x 18”w x 34”d; available at Thornwood Gallery, Santa Fe, NM

Angela Mia de la Vega: “Lift Her with Butterflies” is a little girl being uplifted to her greatest joy and freedom by a supporting swirl of butterflies. As a mother of two girls and one son, I see this sculpture as a celebration of the growth of our children as they are encouraged and loved by family and friends around them.

Angela Mia de la Vega, Bridge of Brotherhood, Bronze, 18”h x 21”w x 8”d; available at Mockingbird Gallery in Bend, OR, and TH Brennen Fine Art in Scottsdale, AZ
Angela Mia de la Vega, Arise, Bronze, 27”h x 9”w x 8”d; available at Signature Gallery in Las Vegas, NV

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