artist johanne mangi smiling with her artwork, in studio
The Artist Painting

How do you find inspiration?

Johanne Mangi: Once I found subject matter that excited me, I never needed to worry about finding inspiration. If anything, I am surrounded by too much inspiration! So much to paint and so little time! Subject matter is endless and even if I had trouble finding it all I’d have to do is paint my own motley 4-legged crew. I remember when I first started to seriously paint, I would spend countless hours trying to figure out what I wanted to paint. It seems ridiculous to me now.

What is the most interesting thing you have painted/sculpted and why?
Johanne Mangi: The most interesting project I’ve encountered recently happens to be when I was commissioned to paint a beautiful dog who literally had no eyes. Since I am known for my expressive, soulful eyes this was an incredible challenge. Upon meeting this sweet little girl, I quickly understood what made her special. Lucie didn’t need eyes to communicate with her owners nor to live a near normal life. She was a rescue with spunk who was adored. Sadly, she passed away unexpectedly during the painting process. More than anything I felt I had to honor her memory. I think I achieved that.

I am in love with the process and the endless potential for learning. I can never quite understand when someone asks me if I still enjoy what I do. Are they crazy or what??

To see more of Johanne’s work, visit: 

oil painting of blind dog sitting down, with flowers around its neck
Johanne Mangi, Lucie, 14 x 11 in., oil, 2022
oil painting of dog portrait
Johanne Mangi, Gus, 14 x 11 in., oil, 2022


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