oil painting of curved building with sidewalk and people walking
Michele Byrne, “Fifth Avenue Shopping”, oil, 48 x 36 in, 2022, Manhattan, available at Reinert Fine Art, Charleston, SC

Michele Byrne: Michele Byrne captures the culture and energy of a city in her impressionistic paintings. Full of life, passion and movement, her figures tell a story. Whether Manhattan, Indianapolis, or most recently Santa Fe, where she now resides, you will find her out on the streets painting plein air. From these studies she returns back to her studio to create larger pieces.

In September she’ll be plein air painting in Paris & teaching in Tuscany.

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oil painting of city street corner during the day
Michele Byrne, “City Blues”, oil, 28 x 22 in, 2021, Indianapolis, available at James R. Ross Fine Art, Indianapolis, IN
oil painting of perspective curve city street corner with traffic light and cars, people walking during cloudy day
Michele Byrne, “Monsoon Monday”, oil, 30 x 30 in, 2022, Santa Fe, NM, available at Acosta-Strong Fine Art, Santa Fe, NM