Western art - “By the Light, Psalms 75:15-17” by Thomas Kegler
“By the Light, Psalms 75:15-17” by Thomas Kegler

Western Art > The 41st Annual Buffalo Bill Art Show & Sale Announces Award Winners

On the morning preceding the grand opening of the 41st Annual Buffalo Bill Art Show Live Auction Gallery, a panel of judges convened to attribute awards to the seven works of art they felt best reflect the mission of the Buffalo Bill Art Show & Sale (BBAS) and represent exceptional craftsmanship and quality. BBAS limits the number of contemporary Western artists invited each year to ensure that each year’s show is more invigorating than the last. This year’s show features 104 artists, all of whom represent a high caliber of artistic knowledge and execution.

Judges are carefully selected to represent a range of art industry expertise, namely: museum representatives, art collectors, and art business professionals. The 2022 judges were Linda Williams, Executive Director of the Bozeman Art Museum, Andy Franklin, art collector, and Tim Newton, Publisher of Western Art and Architecture.

The Spirit of the Buffalo Bill Art Show & Sale Award

This award recognizes the artwork that is most representative of the Buffalo Bill Art Show & Sale in terms of location, history, and the greatness and grandeur embodied by the “spirit” of the American West. The judges awarded this honor to “By the Light, Psalms 75:15-17,” a 30- by 40-inch oil painting by Thomas Kegler (shown at top).

Kegler’s oil painting is a remarkable nightscape of Castle Rock located up the Southfork outside of Cody, Wyoming. The judges were captivated by Kegler’s technique and overall composition. Williams went as far to say, “his ability to capture that moment and give it back to the viewer is exceptional.” Newton declared, “It’s an ambitious piece and he succeeded” and, “grandeur is what comes to mind.”

Two-Dimensional Award

The judges selected “Wyoming Buffalo” by Tucker Smith as the two-dimensional artwork of exceptional execution and craftsmanship. Smith’s oil painting is 20 by 24 inches and depicts a classic Wyoming scene of buffalo in a sagebrush-covered landscape. Newton stated, “Tucker gives a nod to western heritage with this painting. This is a master work by one of Wyoming’s greatest masters.”

Western Art - “Wyoming Buffalo” by Tucker Smith
“Wyoming Buffalo” by Tucker Smith

All three judges agreed that Tucker’s color work and his composition conveyed excellent skill and he is truly a master of the craft.

Three-Dimensional Award

The judges selected “Wisdom in the Wind” by Campbell Dosch as the three-dimensional artwork of exceptional execution and craftsmanship. Dosch’s piece is a bronze standing 48 inches tall and measuring 36 by 16 inches in width and depth.

“Wisdom in the Wind” by Campbell Dosch
“Wisdom in the Wind” by Campbell Dosch

Dosch’s subject matter is a bust of a weathered Native American Chief wearing his war bonnet. The artist’s intention was to capture and exude wisdom and strength and the judges all agreed that Dosch was successful. Franklin commented while admiring the sculpture: “This magnificent piece has a capturing quality, and you can feel the emotion in the Chief’s weathered and wise facial expression. It’s incredibly powerful.”

Judges’ Awards of Excellence

As a true mark of the overall quality of the 41st Annual Buffalo Bill Art Show, the judges felt it necessary to present four additional Awards of Excellence. They felt the following pieces required recognition for their design and execution:

T.D. Kelsey, “Sunday,” Bronze, 18 x 22 x 19 inches
Grant Redden, “Night Rider,” Oil, 24 x 24 inches
David Santillanes, “Spring Thaw,” Oil, 24 x 40 inches
Dustin Van Wechel, “Making Dinner Plans,” Oil, 48 x 24 inches

"Sunday" by T.D. Kelsey
“Sunday” by T.D. Kelsey
Western art - “Night Rider” by Grant Redden
“Night Rider” by Grant Redden
“Spring Thaw" by David Santillanes
“Spring Thaw” by David Santillanes
“Making Dinner Plans" by Dustin Van Wechel
“Making Dinner Plans” by Dustin Van Wechel

Gilly Fales Fine Art Scholarship Award

The Gilly Fales Fine Art Scholarship Award is a local scholarship opportunity provided by the Gilly Fales Memorial Foundation for the Arts. The Foundation seeks to empower Wyomingites ages 18-30 who have a passion for the arts. Olivia Christensen received the honor for her 18- by 24-inch oil painting entitled “Whispering Breeze.”

"Whispering Breeze" by Olivia Christensen
“Whispering Breeze” by Olivia Christensen

More information: codychamber.org

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