gray tone of mountains with snow on them; gray sky, dark gray foreground
Jennifer Riefenberg, “Power of Gray,” oil, 12 x 16 in. Available through artist; award winner at Western Regional OPA show 2021

Jennifer Riefenberg: I prefer painting from life. Painting is exploring and discovering, healing and learning, admiring and preserving. As a painting takes on its own voice, it becomes a living experience with each brushstroke a breath toward its creation. I hope that my artwork communicates the experiences that I have and captures the very essence of the beautiful world through my eyes and interpretation. “Gray Extreme” recently won an HM Award at a regional OPA show.

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oil painting of bright flowers. only a third of sky is showing
Jennifer Riefenberg, “Geraniums” oil, 8 x 10 in., plein air. Available through artist
oil painting of birch trees in a forest during fall
Jennifer Riefenberg, “Autumn Harmony” oil, 24 x 30 in. Available through Mary Williams Fine Arts, Boulder, CO