artist posing with his painting in Sotheby's exhibition
Nik Anikis and his award-winning painting, Curse of Triton exhibited in Sotheby’s New York

How did you get started and then develop your career?
Nik Anikis: As a highly skilled and passionate painter, I have dedicated my life to exploring the beauty of the human body in relation to nature, harmony, and disharmony, light and darkness, and the poetry of emotion and truth. From a young age of five I knew that art was my calling and I have spent my whole life honing my craft.

My name is Nik Anikis, and I was born in 1990 in Celje, Slovenia. Today I live in Ljubljana, Slovenia, where I continue to create stunning artworks that move and inspire people around the world. With a Master’s degree in painting from the Academy of Fine Arts in Ljubljana, Slovenia, and a degree from the Angel Academy of Art in Florence, Italy, under the mentorship of Maestro Michael John Angel, I have taken my skills to a level of technical perfection that is truly impressive.

Throughout my career, I have participated in over 47 group exhibitions and 17 solo exhibitions throughout Europe and the United States. My paintings have touched the hearts of many people and brought hope and inspiration into their lives. I strive to reflect the relationships, struggles and contradictions that exist in the human experience and capture the intimate depths of the human soul through my use of classical painting techniques with oil paints.

To read and see more of Nik’s work, visit:

oil painting of figure holding their leg behind theeir body, looking down at water, wrapped partially in a towel
Nik Anikis, “Curse of Triton,” oil on canvas, 51 x 51 in, 2019
oil painting of man and woman. woman holding onto man, man has wings and holding fire ball in right hand; both nude, woman partially covered with red drapery
Nik Anikis, Luminous Flux, oil on canvas, 40 x 24 in, 2021; ljubljana private property


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