artist in a field, painting on location
Jennifer painting on location

How did you get started and then develop your career?
Jennifer Riefenberg: Like most artists I started by having a strong desire and love for drawing and creating though I took a different path to earn a living until I could pursue my painting more fully, which is what I have done for the last 17 or so years.

What is the most interesting thing you have painted/sculpted and why?
Jennifer Riefenberg: The most interesting thing that I have painted is not easy to answer as each time I paint I am exploring and painting what inspires me — sometimes it is rather odd (a dead weed) and sometimes interesting in that it is a real challenge. I think like most serious artists, our personal style(s) emerge from our practice and efforts to paint what inspires US! I am not a copyist and, while this can be valuable to improve on technical skills, copying other artists does not leave any room for your own unique voice.

To see more of Jennifer’s work, visit:

oil painting of snowcapped mountain range; gray tones
Jennifer Riefenberg, “Power of Gray,” 12 x 16 in., oil. Available through artist, award winner at Western Regional OPA show 2021
oil painting of landscape of birch trees in fall
Jennifer Riefenberg, “Autumn Harmony,” 24 x 30 in., oil. Available through Mary Williams Fine Arts, Boulder, CO


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