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An International Women’s Day Exhibition

The artists represented come from countries such as the United States, Canada, and Australia, but also from countries in Europe, South America, and Central America with varied ethnic origins.
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Mondo Tondo: An Exhibition With a Twist

52 acclaimed realist painters from around the world were challenged to “think outside the box” when they were presented with a 24-inch round Tondo panel on which to create an original one-of-a-kind work. The results must be seen to be believed.

Painting for Sale, First Time in 135 Years

The iconic Victorian painting has been in the same family since it was exhibited to great acclaim at the Royal Academy in 1883 and was acquired by a celebrated entrepreneur.

Seeing America: Re-Envisioned Galleries at Newark

The culmination of a two-year project supported by the Henry Luce Foundation, the new installations create open and inviting spaces to showcase the museum’s world-class collections, and promote a more expansive view of American art.
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Celebrating Collectors — Fine Art Connoisseur March/April 2019

We salute those who acquire such outstanding artworks, and we extend our applause to the artists who created them and to the dealers who sold them.
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I Observe – The Art of Awareness

The exhibition aims to use observations to push our own personal boundaries, while striving to find common ground with those who are different.
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An Imperial Destiny

This new narrative is based on recent work by historians and archaeologists who, in addition to studying new archaeological and epigraphical discoveries, cast a critical eye on the ancient sources, placing them into the political and social context of the early Empire.
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A Portrait Within a Portrait

Discover an artist who is particularly noted for complex portraits of his friends and family members, painted in oils and often large in scale.
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Highlighting Women Artists Over Fifty

“The general consensus was that as we get older and have gone through the acts of raising children and needing jobs with steady incomes, we have more time and experience to become comfortable in our artist skins,” says Terri Jordan, curator for the museum.
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5 New Works by Best-Selling Artist Cesar Santos

It’s no surprise that Santos continues to make waves with his figurative art, and he’s ready to share his painting and drawing secrets with others.

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