Are We in the .ART Age?

The 1990s were considered the (dot)COM age, but are we about to move into the (dot)ART age? Recent tech news emerging this week suggests we might be on the brink of a new artistic age in the domain world.

How to Trick Your Senses

Cakes, fruits, flowers, cheeses, and more. Can you taste it? What about the aroma? Your mind just might play tricks with you during a breathtaking showcase of still life talent at Meredith Long & Company.

Paine Lands Masterworks Through May

Located in Oshkosh, Wisconsin, the Paine Art Center and Gardens are in celebration after recently opening a stunning exhibition of paintings by an accomplished painter who’s no stranger to Fine Art Connoisseur magazine. Will you recognize this Midwestern talent?

50 Shades of Flowers

A colorful array of floral paintings will bring warmth and a hint of spring to your winter this month at R. Michelson Galleries. Who’s the well-known painter? Much more is just one click away!

Go To The Circus And Play With Yourself

New York City is poised to open a fun exhibition this weekend featuring works by Georges Seurat (1859-1891). Details here!

It’s Not Too Late, Or Is It?

Although the official auction has passed, there’s still time to see a magnetic show of American miniatures in Tucson, Arizona — and dozens of brilliant paintings to be had.

Even City Slickers Are Welcome

A staple among the top fine art collectors today, “Masters of the American West” is looking to blow audiences away once more in 2017. Was that goal met? You decide.

How Stillness Creates Movement

Sometimes movement involves feelings rather than objects. Discover how one man has been using still life for nearly 60 years to inspire generations of accomplished creators.

This Isn’t Gilligan’s Island

Opening this week is an important group exhibition featuring many of the world’s most accomplished marine painters. Get the list of participating artists and a preview here.

Portrait of the Week: Home from the Near East

In this ongoing series, Fine Art Today delves into the world of portraiture, highlighting historical and contemporary examples of superb quality and skill. This week we discuss an arresting portrait by a 19th century Orientalist.

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