Fall might be just around the corner, but the season’s exhibitions are just heating up. See who is premiering a fall show in just a few days.
Although temperatures in Texas may contradict, fall is imminent, and Insight Gallery is primed to showcase all 60 of its acclaimed artists during its “Seventh Annual Fall Group Show.” While every artist in the gallery’s stable deserves mention, Insight is focusing on the art and career of Robert Pummill, best known for his images of Texas cattle drives, stagecoaches, and covered-wagon scenes in grand scale. As reported by the gallery, “In recent years, Pummill has found himself working with a different sort of western subject matter: the Texas Hill Country landscape. Fields of bluebonnets or cacti have brought on a new inspiration and Pummill’s career has never been more vibrant.”

Jill Carver, “Hamilton Pool,” oil, 26 x 30 in. (c) Insight Gallery 2015

Michelle Dunaway, “Color Wheel Dancer,” oil, 22 x 16 in. (c) Insight Gallery 2015

Susan Lyon, “Hope, Potential, Belief,” oil, 16 x 30 in. (c) Insight Gallery 2015

Among many others, featured artists include Jeremy Browne, Rett Ashby, Dan Bodelson, Bob Bertram, Mary Ross Buchholz, George Bumann, Jill Carver, Cheri Christensen, Michelle Dunaway, Susan Lyon, and Ann Kraft Walker.
To view the pieces in the show, visit Insight Gallery.
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