Manmade beauties and natural vistas are seen through a modernist lens during a current group show in Denver.
A diverse range of talented artists feature in Saks Galleries’ “A Modern View 2015: Land, Sea, and Urban Scapes,” a gorgeous group exhibition that combines realism, impressionism, and more. Among the artists included are William Berra, G. Russell Case, Jane Christie, Kim English, Ralph Grady James, Ed Sandoval, Clive Tyler, and Seth Winegar.

Clive Tyler, “‘Majestic’ Bull Moose Teton Dawn,” pastel, 24 x 20 in. (c) Saks Galleries 2015

Ralph Grady James’s “Dancing Light” is an outstanding example. Scarcely populated, the seascape shows a lovely sunset as an almost blinding light cascades toward the viewer. In the upper right of the painting, a pair of seagulls are on the move, only seconds away from exiting the frame. Clive Tyler’s “‘Majestic’ Bull Moose Teton Dawn” is also noteworthy. Standing among a colorful arrangement of tall vertical trees is a stoic moose. Drawing our attention to the subject and crossing the strong vertical lines of the trees are subtle indications of sunrays, which illuminate the animal’s antlers.

Ed Sandoval, “Light Behind the Clouds,” oil, 28 x 22 in. (c) Saks Galleries 2015

Ed Sandoval’s “Light Behind the Clouds” is stunning in its saturation, simplicity, and individuality. Unlike many of the other artists in the show, Sandoval has boiled down his subject into large planes of strong color, creating a play on pattern as well as our perception of two- and three-dimensionality. For those with a love for impressionism, Walt Gonske’s “A Windy Morning” will undoubtedly please. Entering the canvas from the right side is an imposing rock cliff, which stretches across the center of the composition and nearly to the left edge of the picture. On close inspection, Gonske’s quick, expressive brushwork is highlighted. Details are virtually indiscernible as a play among purple, orange, blue, green, and yellow composes the cliff.

Walt Gonske, “A Windy Morning,” oil on canvas, 24 x 30 in. (c) Saks Galleries 2015

No matter your taste, “A Modern View 2015: Land, Sea, and Urban Scapes” will leave you wishing for more. The exhibition opened on August 28 and will show through September 19.
To learn more, visit Saks Galleries.
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