From the traditional to the conceptual, the earth and sky form the focus of a spectacular group exhibition in Kansas.
A full spectrum of artistic styles and talents feature in “Sky Above, Earth Below,” a large group exhibition at Strecker-Nelson Gallery in Manhattan, Kansas. Over 30 artists compose the show, which largely consists of beautiful landscape paintings.

Clive Fullagar, “Late October Sky,” oil on canvas, 16 x 48 in. (c) Strecker-Nelson Gallery 2015

A notable highlight of the show is Michael Albrechtsen’s “Rejuvination,” which is dramatic in both its use of color and stunning subject. With a relatively low horizon, we find a group of scattered thunderstorms unleashing a torrent of rain in the distance. A hypnotizing range of pink, blue, purple, and orange composes the violent clouds as they sweep across the landscape. Highlighting the canvas is a single bolt of lightning, which flashes on the center left. Below the horizon one finds the rolling hills and scattered trees of the American plains. The yellows and greens balance beautifully the palette of the sky.

Stan Herd, “Kansas Cottonwood,” oil on canvas, 24 x 24 in. (c) Strecker-Nelson Gallery 2015

Presenting a much calmer tone is “Late October Sky” by Clive Fullagar. Imaged in a large, panoramic format, a strong, sharp horizon line separates the golden light of a fading sky over the shadowed hills and banks of a winding river. Stan Herd offers a more expressive approach to landscape, perhaps recalling the thick handling of paint popularized by Van Gogh. “Kansas Cottonwood” commands the viewer’s attention with the strong red-orange hue of a massive tree in the foreground. Each individual stroke of the brush can be detected in the thickly applied paint. The winding sense of movement and kinetic energy on the surface are captivating.

Susan Rose, “Bottom-land Rendezvous (Snow Geese),” oil on canvas, 24 x 48 in.
(c) Strecker-Nelson Gallery 2015

Among many others, notable artists in the show are John Hulsey, Cally Krallman, Judith Mackey, Susan Rose, Cristine Sundquist, Matthew Richter, Jean Terry, and Diana Werts.
“Sky Above, Earth Below” opened on August 28 and will be on view through October 31.
To learn more, visit Strecker-Nelson Gallery.
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