Some trees are large and magnificent while others are impactful and small, but regardless, they are stunningly beautiful in their color and variety. One artist has turned her lens toward our oxygen-creating friends in an outstanding solo show.
If it were possible to get tired of the gorgeous Rocky Mountains in Denver, Colorado, residents and visitors alike would need only to turn to the Abend Gallery during the month of September. Deb Komitor is an accomplished painter known for her naturalistic views of nature’s best, but her upcoming solo show brings trees and perspective to the fore. “For the Love of Trees” is a tantalizing exhibition that will feature 26 of Komitor’s latest oils, which explore the diverse beauty of trees. In addition to masterfully observed species of birch and pine, the artist also probes an array of creative points of views and perspectives, highlighting how one’s perception of a subject can evolve depending on one’s position.

Deb Komitor, “Soulmates,” oil on canvas, 34 x 32 in. (c) Abend Gallery 2015

Deb Komitor, “Home of the Soul,” oil on canvas, 72 x 48 in. (c) Abend Gallery 2015

“Dancing with an Autumn Breeze” is a lovely example from the show, featuring a patterned arrangement of strong yellow, blue, and red hues. The perspective appears to be from below a group of magnificent birch trees, their grays and whites contrasting with the wash of colors behind. “Soulmates” is another exceptional piece, which again displays Komitor’s unique artistic touch. The artist creates her subjects, rendered on a black background, using short, bold strokes of pure color with little mixing. The result is a beautiful abstraction of nature with nearly every stroke visible, nearly recalling mosaic tesserae. As one steps back from the piece, the colors merge and the paintings become more naturalistic and well-defined — a fun and engaging exercise.

Deb Komitor, “Chapters: Summer, Fall, Winter, Spring,” oil on canvas, 60 x 96 in. (polyptych)
(c) Abend Gallery 2015


“For the Love of Trees” opens on September 4 with a reception from 6 to 9 p.m. and will be on view until September 26.
To learn more, visit the Abend Gallery.
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