Three renowned painters take center stage in Carmel, California, with stunning landscapes, still lifes, and more.
Opening in 1997, Jones & Terwilliger Galleries represents the personal visions of owners Barbara Jones and Patricia Terwilliger, who now represent over 50 artists of national repute in their three galleries. Among them are local legends André Balyon, Brian Blood, and Laurie Kersey, each of whom features in the group exhibition titled “Local Legends,” which opened on October 10. Over 60 new artworks from these three Carmel, California, artists will be included.

Brian Blood, “Old Cypress Sunset,” oil, 30 x 24 in. (c) Jones & Terwilliger Galleries 2015

Hailing from the Netherlands is Balyon, who draws heavily upon the style, technique, and palette of the Dutch masters. Many paintings by Balyon will hang in the exhibition, including the magnificent “The Old Bird House,” a lovely 15 x 10-inch oil that has a quiet appeal. The viewer finds a weathered birdhouse with a strikingly beautiful and vibrantly red bird perched in front. Balyon has a soft touch and application of paint that is truly delightful.
In 2012, painter Brian Blood received the American Art Collector Award of Excellence, one of many earned throughout his 30-year career. “Old Cypress Sunset” is hypnotic with its dominant orange hue. Twisting and turning at center like the solidified veins of the earth, a cypress tree is bathed in a strong, saturated orange. At distance one finds a faint horizon out at sea, and the breaking surf along a small rocky projection.

Laurie Kersey, “Early Morning Sun,” oil on canvas, 18 x 24 in. (c) Jones & Terwilliger Galleries 2015

Last but certainly not least are the paintings by Kersey, whose 30-year career has seen numerous juried exhibitions and many awards as she creates stunning views of her beloved Monterey Peninsula. The light within her “Early Morning Sun” commands extended consideration. The viewer finds themselves standing along the edge of steep sloping cliffs that lead to a calm sea below.  Although only slightly visible, the sun’s rays dance towards the viewer and sparkle across the water, creating a magnetic point of focus.  The majority of the canvas is given to the luminous green grasses on the slopes, which are imaged in a beautiful array of lime and forest greens.
“Local Legends” opened on October 10.
To learn more, visit Jones & Terwilliger Galleries.
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