Scenes from the coast of Cape Cod feature in a beautiful group exhibition in Massachusetts.
Viewers will nearly be able to smell the salt in the air, wiggle their toes in the sand, and catch the golden rays of a Cape Cod sun at Tree’s Place Gallery in Orleans, Massachusetts. From October 10 through October 23, “Salt Air: Scenes from the Cape” will surely ignite nostalgia in some, while others may be booking their next vacation to the coast. A group show, the exhibition will feature some 47 outstanding works with subjects ranging from beach scenes to seascapes to sailboats and beyond. What is more, the range of styles will be sure to keep patrons moving and entertained.
“Working a School” by Richard Loud is a lovely example from the show. The viewers find themselves deep into a bay as the sun begins to slowly dip behind the clouds at the end of the day. Three large sailboats hover a short distance away as groups of smaller rowboats man the fishing nets. The luminance of the piece is outstanding and displays an overall softness through the predominate use of light pastel tones.
“Salt Air: Scenes from the Cape” opened on October 10 and will be on view through October 23.
To learn more, visit Tree’s Place Gallery.
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