Since 1983, the Scottsdale Artists’ School (SAS) has been an important venue for supporting aspiring artists of all ages and skill levels. The school offers classes and workshops that focus on the fundamentals of fine art production, and many in the local art community hope the non-profit continues to flourish for years to come. On November 14, SAS will host its annual Beaux Arts fundraiser.
A host of fun events will characterize the 2015 annual Beaux Arts Fundraiser at the Scottsdale Artists’ School on November 14 at 6 p.m. Guests will have the opportunity to view and purchase artworks from over 100 artists from all across the country during the event’s silent auction. Bidding on trips and other treasures will be available as well. The school reports, “The evening will honor California artist and Scottsdale Artists’ School instructor Daniel J. Keys as the 2015 Signature Artist. Arizona Sculptor and Cowboy Artist of America John Coleman, along with Honorary Chair Joshua Rose, will also be recognized during the event.”

Sherri Aldawood, “Sewing in Pearls,” oil, 16 x 12 in. (c) Scottsdale Artists’ School 2015

An online catalogue of available works can be found here. Also exciting is the fact that absentee bids can be placed as well, giving anyone the chance to not only own a magnificent work of art, but to support an important Southwestern fine art institution. Tickets to the event can be found here.

Carol McSweeney, “Mask,” watercolor, 10 x 7 in. (c) Scottsdale Artists’ School 2015

To learn more, visit the Scottsdale Artists’ School.
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