After $2.2 million worth of restoration, the famed Trevi fountain was reopened to the public just days ago.
It’s a familiar scene: Scores of tourists stand along the edges of emerald waters flowing from dramatic Baroque sculptures and toss coins over their shoulders to guarantee a return trip to the Eternal City. Unfortunately, the scene has been very different for the past 16 months as the Trevi fountain was closed for restoration and cleaning. The wait — and cost — were worth it. The entire monument, now nearly 300 years old, was meticulously cleaned and more than 100 new LED lights were installed to illuminate it like never before.
On November 3, the fountain was reopened with an emotional ceremony complete with cheers, tears, and hundreds of delighted tourists. Funded by the Italian fashion house Fendi, the all-told price tag of the restoration exceeded €2 million (approx. $2.2 million). Silvia Venturini Fendi said, “It’s very emotional, especially for us Romans.”
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