Featuring an amazing array of works, American Women Artists (AWA) recently celebrated 25 years of excellence with its 2015 Annual Master & Signature Member Show & National Juried Exhibition at Bonner David Galleries in Scottsdale, Arizona. The event was held November 9–14; who were the ladies that took home this year’s top awards?
Uniting women artists and elevating awareness of their art, the American Women Artists (AWA) is an outstanding organization that hosts a monumental national exhibition each year, with the 2015 show recently concluding at the Bonner David Galleries in Arizona.

Suzie Chisholm, “The Garden,” bronze; winner of the Marilyn Newmark Foundation Award
(c) American Women Artists 2015

Awards of Merit were given to Nancy Bass, Kathleen Bergstrom, Marsha Chandler, Ginger Gehres, Tina Moore, Diana Reuter-Twining, and Robin Wellner.
The Rogue Guirey Simpson Memorial Award, given for excellence in animal art, was taken by Elaine Lierly Jones for her piece “Manhattan’s Glory.” Suzie Chisholm earned the Marilyn Newmark Foundation Award, which honors the best sculpture done in a traditional manner, for her brilliant bronze “The Garden.” As a proud sponsor of the event and organization, Fine Art Connoisseur supports an Award of Excellence, which went to Amy Larson and her lovely painting “Zulu.”

Elaine Lierly Jones, “Manhattan’s Glory”; awarded the Rogue Guirey Simpson Memorial Award
(c) American Women Artists 2015

Taking the honor as Best of Show was “Pony Tails” by Cathryne Trachok. To view a full list of awards, visit American Women Artists.
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