Opening the Abend Gallery’s 2016 schedule is a fascinating exhibition that features captivating portraits, fantastical settings, and incredible technique inspired by animals and wildlife.
Opening January 29 at the acclaimed Abend Gallery in Denver, Colorado, is “Animalia” — an enthralling group exhibition that surveys the depiction of animals in a variety of ways by some of the most talented representational artists.

Teresa Elliott, “Desert Brahman,” oil on metal, 10 x 12 in. (c) Abend Gallery 2016

The exhibition includes, among others, Yael Maimon, Benjamin Björklund, Henry Schreiber, and Teresa Elliott, and, says the gallery, “each artist is armed with a unique sense and perspective on the subjects they portray. From the hyper-realistic … to hilarious anthropomorphic marmots, there is something for everyone in this exhibition.”

Kevin Sloan, “Our Modern Animal,” acrylic, 60 x 54 in. (c) Abend Gallery 2016

“Animalia” will hang through March 5.
To learn more, visit Abend Gallery.
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