The Portrait Society of America recently honored many with merit and honorable mention awards during its “2015 Members Only Competition.” Who were the winners selected?
The Portrait Society of America’s “2015 Members Only Competition” was another event hosted by the organization replete with outstanding artistry. With over 1,000 entries from hundreds of acclaimed and supremely talented members, competition was steep, but many left as deserving recipients.

Alexandra Tyng, “David M. Felson,” oil, 42 x 34 in. (c) PSA 2016

First through 10th place awards were given in the category of commissioned portraits, while 1o merit and 10 honorable mention awards were also given under the category of commissioned pieces. Other categories included non-commissioned, outside the box, landscape, and still life. Paul Newton received first place for his portrait of Dean Bill Russel of Princeton University while Alexandra Tyng took second for her picture of David M. Felsen. Raelene Sharp and Anna Rose Bain took home first merit and first honorable mention, respectively, for their delightful oils as well.

Johanna Harmon, “Golden Orchids,” oil, 24 x 16 in. (c) PSA 2016

Under the category of non-commissioned portraits, artist Johanna Harmon was honored with first place for “Golden Orchids,” a stunning picture of a blond female subject in three-quarter view. The subject wears what appears to be a traditional Japanese kimono, and her golden hair with bright yellow flower adornments contrasts sharply with the deep aquamarine setting. In second place was Karen Offutt for her work titled “Listen.”

Karen Offutt, “Listen,” oil, 12 x 20 in. (c) PSA 2016

To view the entire list of recipients and to learn more about the Portrait Society of America, visit their webpage here.
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