A burst of colorful activity is coming to the esteemed Haynes Gallery at its Nashville, Tennessee, location.
A visual symphony awaits those visiting the lovely Haynes Gallery in Nashville, Tennessee. “Symphony in Color” is a tantalizing exhibition that features the stunning floral still lifes of renowned watercolorist Susan Headley Van Campen. The show opens on February 12 and will be on view through March 26.

Van Campen’s works are absolutely marvelous and showcase her acute observational skill and dexterity with the brush. Set against a plain white background, the subjects leap from the page and seem to emanate vitality. Via the gallery webpage, “A master watercolorist, Van Campen presents vibrant, sophisticated arrangements that speak to the artful beauty of flowers. Lush blossoms are assembled in glass vases and set against simple white backgrounds. A naturalist in addition to artist, Van Campen finds her inspiration in the flowers she tends to at her home in rural Maine. Their shapes, shades and endless variety have kept her brushes busy for the last forty years.  Upon first glance, her paintings might appear like straightforward, colorful still lifes. But in reality Van Campen’s still lifes craft a balance between the calculated and the spontaneous, the objective and the expressive, and the traditional and modern.

Susan Headley Van Campen, “Cymbidium,” watercolor on Arches, 29 x 41 in. (c) Haynes Galleries 2016

“The exhibition of Van Campen’s florals will be accompanied at Haynes Galleries by vignette shows of other floral-themed works. Fine examples of the artistic union of figures and flowers will be on display with works by Tersea Oaxaca, Lynn Sanguedolce, Stephen Scott Young, and more. Flower still lifes by other gallery favorites will show the artistic range that Contemporary Realists are achieving in the beloved genre. From large bouquets of roses to a lone orchid, it will be a visual feast at Haynes Galleries this spring.”
To learn more, visit Haynes Galleries.

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