Members of the Whistler House Museum of Art experienced a new process for 2015’s “Members Exhibition,” which was selected by invitation in lieu of a juried procedure. With only a few days remaining until the show is closed, what and who can you expect to find?
More than 250 works from over 100 artists were submitted for the 2015 “Members Exhibition” at the delightful Whistler House Museum of Art in Lowell, Massachusetts. Although the show has only days to go before closing, it has left a lasting impression on visitors, who were exposed to a lush selection of oils, acrylics, watercolors, fiber arts, sculpture, and photography.
Notable for this show was a change in the process for selections, which in previous years had been curated by a juror. This year, members were invited to submit several works, one of which would be chosen for the exhibition. President and Executive Director Sara Bogosian said, “This exhibition is a wonderful and comprehensive show of artwork, ranging from traditional to modern works of art featuring talented LAA artists from the Lowell community and beyond.”
Although the exhibition will close on January 16, one can rest assured that many more outstanding opportunities to view beautiful art lie just around the corner at the Whistler House Museum of Art.
To learn more, visit the Whistler House Museum of Art.
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