Would you agree that art — whether collecting or producing it — is one of the best methods for reaching self-discovery? To be sure, the best artists are constantly reinventing and challenging themselves in order to evolve and improve their artworks. In this way, their products avoid becoming mundane or predictable. An upcoming solo exhibition showcases one Colorado painter’s outdoor path to reinvention.
Opening March 19 at Englewood’s Museum of Outdoor Art in Colorado, “Painting Out of Doors” is artist Daniel Sprick’s display of self-discovery in paint. Sprick is one of Colorado’s best-known painters; his portraits and still lifes collected widely for their naturalism and accuracy, which border on the photographic at times. Audiences will be treated to a different type of imagery during this exhibition, but the results are equally gorgeous.

Daniel Sprick, (c) Image courtesy Museum of Outdoor Art 2016, Heather Longway Photography

Featuring 50 works never before shown in public, “Painting Out of Doors” reveals Sprick’s plein air experimentation as a result of teaching abroad in Italy. This unique body of work showcases a number of lovely cityscapes, landscapes, monuments, streets, and more. Remarkably, the pictures retain Sprick’s characteristic verisimilitude, although a few reveal a higher degree of painterly or expressive touch.

Daniel Sprick, (c) Image courtesy Museum of Outdoor Art 2016, Heather Longway Photography

Speaking of this evolution, Sprick was quoted saying, “I love working outdoors where the light changes so rapidly — every moment is urgent and it holds your attention so completely. You become absorbed in the moment and there isn’t a single second to lose.” The exhibition is also the first of three at the museum centering on the theme of reinvention for artists. MOA Curator and Executive Director Cynthia Leitner suggests, “The atypical subject matter represented in this exhibition is a perfect example of how great artists are constantly reinventing their art, along with themselves, in this process of continual self-discovery. In the two years Daniel has been preparing for this exhibition, he has covered vast landscapes from Florence to Big Sur.”
“Painting Out of Doors” opens on March 19 and will hang through July 15. To learn more, visit the Museum of Outdoor Art.
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