The exploratory oils by Christopher St. Leger are the subjects of a current exhibition in Austin, Texas. Ready to take a trip?
As the exhibition’s title — “Automotive” — suggests, the experimental oils by Christopher St. Leger seek to capture a momentary view from a car window. Chosen from a lower perspective, the works “compositionally adhere to the reality of perspective while stylistically embracing a more expressionistic exposure creating what he calls an automotive pastoral … exploring a new city without a map. A joyride of attention on the visual,” Gallery Shoal Creek writes.

Christopher St. Leger, “Mill,” oil on canvas, 40 x 38 in. (c) Gallery Shoal Creek

Opened on April 22 and through May 28, “Automotive” will feature 21 oils by Leger. Discussing his work, Leger writes, “Our culture is an automotive one. Still, I’m interested in its experiential benefits. While day-to-day linear movement measures our drive and promotes our well-being, inside, the passenger is passive and reflective, unburdened from decisions. Painting for me is simulating this experience of a passenger. I am contained. From my containment I gaze upon an arena marked by exhaust, haste, and turbulence. I see others, but mostly I see their containers. We are aligned and in accordance.”

Christopher St. Leger, “NYC del sol,” watercolor and acrylic on paper, 17 x 28 in. (c) Gallery Shoal Creek

“Automotive” is on view at the lovely Gallery Shoal Creek in Austin, Texas. To learn more, visit Gallery Shoal Creek.
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