One of Spain’s most important sculptors of the modern age was born 150 years ago. To celebrate his art and legacy, the Museo del Prado has mounted a glorious exhibition on marbles, drawings, and more. Can you guess his name?
Born in Olot in 1866, Miguel Blay is regarded as one of the later 19th century’s greatest sculptors, with a legacy on par with Rodin’s. One hundred and fifty years after the artist’s birth, the Museo del Prado is hosting a special exhibition in his honor. “Solidity and Beauty: Miguel Blay” will feature a number of the sculptor’s iconic works, including “To the Ideal” and “Blooming.” In addition to the exquisite marbles, the museum will have on view drawings, medals, the artist’s hand-written notes, and more.

Miguel Blay, “To the Ideal,” 1896, plaster, (c) Museo del Prado 2016

The show, which opened on April 19, will be on view through October 2. The museum writes, “this material offers a vision of the different creative phases of Blay’s career, during which he aimed to transmit emotions, sincerity, and beauty in a serene, harmonious manner.” Indeed, there can be no doubt that Blay achieved these goals with stunning figurative marbles of star-struck lovers, and more.
To learn more, visit the Museo del Prado.
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