A longtime staple in New York showcasing contemporary realism, Arcadia Contemporary recently opened its new location in California with a compelling group exhibition. West Coast Editor Vanessa Rothe reports on the successful opening.
We are overjoyed and welcome Arcadia Contemporary and owner Steve Diamant to sunny Los Angeles, California! This inaugural exhibition, “Made in California,” featured five established artists — all from California — along with Vincent Xeus, who was welcomed as the newest artist added to the gallery’s roster. Collectors, artists, enthusiasts, and many more attended the exhibition’s opening, which was held on April 2.

An early crowd gathers at 5 P.M. for the opening. Later the space would become full.
(c) Image Courtesy Vanessa Rothe 2016

Wall displaying the works of Jeremy Lipking. (c) Image courtesy Vanessa Rothe 2016

Vincent Xeus (center), Julio Reyes (left), and guests talk about realism today. (c) Image Courtesy Vanessa Rothe 2016

The new location of Arcadia Contemporary is at Bergamot Station, a hip area in Santa Monica well known for its strong and innovative galleries. Steve Diamant mounted successful shows nearly 10 years ago at the same location; those solo exhibitions featured works by Jeremy Lipking and Malcom Leipke. Diamant spoke of his satisfaction with exhibiting his works permanently at their new location.

Vanessa Rothe (left) congratulates Arcadia Contemporary’s newest exhibiting artist, Vincent Xeus (left).
(c) Image courtesy Vanessa Rothe 2016

To learn more, visit Arcadia Contemporary. A digital catalogue of the works available may also be found on its website.
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