The Grand Central Atelier in Queens, New York, continually produces some of the greatest classically trained artists. New works by nine resident artists are headed to the walls of this gallery in April. When and where?
Opening April 15 at Eleventh Street Arts, “RESIDENTS” is a compelling group exhibition of nine resident artists of the Grand Central Atelier. Together, their works will undeniably demonstrate the importance and influence of traditional academic training in the arts.

Anthony Baus, “Capriccio with Tiber God,” oil on canvas, (c) Eleventh Street Arts 2016

The artists featured in the exhibition include Liz Beard, Anthony Baus, Patrick Byrnes, Devin CecilWishing, Sally Fama Cochrane, Zoe Dufour, Samuel Hung, Brendan Johnston, and Justin Wood. In addition to the opening reception on April 15, the gallery and atelier will host two evenings of artist talks, on April 20 and May 4 from 6-8 P.M.

Liz Beard, “Living Water,” oil on canvas, (c) Eleventh Street Arts 2016

Devin Cecil-Wishing, “Beginnings and Ends,” oil on canvas, (c) Eleventh Street Arts 2016

Via the exhibition webpage, the atelier writes, “From Liz Beard’s dreamlike narrative figure works, to Devin Cecil-Wishing’s enigmatic trompe l’oeil still lifes, to Sally Fama Cochrane’s elaborate medical allegories, exhibited works are marked by the marriage of highly refined technique with the incipient personal styles of nine developing visions. Two still life painters, Justin Wood and Samuel Hung, are exploring the genre in refreshingly unique ways — Wood’s elegant compositions invoke 17th century Dutch masters with a calm, even light, while Hung’s whimsical pictures are rendered with a dazzling precision. Anthony Baus’ part-observed, part-imagined compositions conjure past, present, and the ornate splendor of the ancient world. Patrick Byrnes, Zoe Dufour, and Brendan Johnston present sensitive new figure paintings and sculptures exploring the intimate relationship between model and artist in ways that evoke both strength and vulnerability. Having spent years carefully honing their painting, drawing, and sculpting skills, these young artistic voices are now emerging with an intriguing array of styles, sensibilities, and subject matter.”

Justin Wood, “Attributes of the Arts,” oil on canvas, (c) Eleventh Street Arts 2016

To learn more, visit Eleventh Street Arts.

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