Throughout a career spanning four decades, Tom Browning has captured his love of the West with brush and paint. The artist is known for his trademark blankets of dust illuminated by the sun, and collectors will be thrilled to hear about the artist’s latest solo exhibition. Where?
On view now through April 22 at Insight Galleries in Fredericksburg, Texas, “The Lure of the West” is an outstanding solo exhibition of the latest paintings by acclaimed artist Tom Browning. Ten of the artist’s works are featured in the exhibition, with subjects ranging from charging buffalo, cowboys on horseback, and ranchers soaking in quintessential American Western vistas.

Tom Browning, “Buffalo Shuffle,” oil, 25 x 60 in. (c) Insight Galleries 2016

Several of the works on view display Browning’s trademark dust, which adds a beautiful sense of atmosphere and spatial context to his images. As mentioned above, the artist frequently depicts a soft glow of sunlight as it passes through the cloud of dirt, which also causes the subjects to separate from their surroundings, creating more three-dimensionality. Four of the paintings have already been claimed, so collectors shouldn’t hesitate to view the show.

Tom Browning, “Spring on the Diamond Trail,” oil, 30 x 40 in. (c) Insight Galleries 2016

To learn more, visit Insight Galleries.
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