For the first time, this monumental collection of Cuban and Latin American art is being offered with each piece priced individually rather than as an entire collection. Lovers of art from south of the border need to take note.
The Ladner Collection of Cuban and Latin American Art is causing a major stir in the art-collecting world. Gary Hendershott is proud to be offering individual selections from this incredibly important multi-million-dollar collection, which features sculptures, paintings, and much more, and makes up an integral part of Latin American art history.

Victor Salmones, “Danza,” bronze, 96 in. (c) Gary Hendershott 2016

Among the works included in the sale are 115 paintings by Cuban and Latin American artists; those featured include Arturo Rodriquez, Demi Rodriquez, Norma Bessouet, Louis F. Benedit, Enrique Castro-Cid, and Emilio Falero. Via the press release for the sale: “This is a unique opportunity for a collector or a museum, agent or curator to expedite the building of their own collections by acquiring the very painting(s) that they want from this life-time collection. Offered here individually for the very first time you can pick and choose the very painting that you want, previously offered only as a collection.” Works from sculptor Victor Salmones are included as well.
To learn more, visit Gary Hendershott.
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