What’s better than a tantalizing group exhibition? One featuring works from this esteemed gallery’s most iconic and celebrated artists. Are any of your favorites included?
EVOKE Contemporary in Santa Fe, New Mexico, will host its grand unveiling of “ICONIC” on May 27 at 5 p.m. The exhibition is being met with great anticipation as a result of the star-studded lineup of 20 renowned artists, including — among others — Javier Marín, Koplin Del Rio, Eric Beltz, Ann Gale, F. Scott Hess, Peter Zokosky, Joanna Manousis, and Soey Milk. The gallery writes, “This exhibition emphasizes works in a variety of media that display superlative examples of the twenty exhibiting artists’ work each depicting their unique interpretation of iconic imagery.”
“ICONIC” is a collaborative effort between EVOKE Contemporary and its highly respected colleague Koplin Del Rio Gallery. Among the mediums included are painting, sculpture, drawing, multi-media, performance art, and video. Of particular focus is Marín’s “Cabeza de Mujer,” which the gallery describes as “an iconic monumental of a classical female head in bronze with the artist’s distinctive contemporary edge.”
“ICONIC” opens on May 27 and will show through June 18. To learn more, visit EVOKE Contemporary.
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