An upcoming exhibition in New York will challenge your imagination as it “introduces and explores the reality of a constant parallel universe,” the gallery writes. Who are the artists and works included?
It was over 100 years ago that the famed Albert Einstein introduced the world to his mathematical theorem E=MC2, an equation that would forever fundamentally alter our perception of our universe and the laws that govern it. Through the creative eyes of several accomplished artists, including two Russian-born painters — Igor and Marina — this equation and its potential ramifications for our universe are reimagined.
“Parallel Universe” will open at New York’s RJD Gallery on June 18 and will remain on view through July 17. The two major artists of the show, Igor and Marina, are deeply inspired by the Dutch and Italian Renaissance and “combine these elements of realism with bold contemporary colors and then add notes of surrealism, abstraction, and hints of the Russian avant-garde,” the gallery reports. Along with Igor and Marina, additional artists included in the exhibition are Salvatore Alessi, Margaret Bowland, Jennifer Gennari, Margo Selski, Philip Thomas, Armando Valero, and Andrei Zadorine.
To learn more, visit RJD Gallery.
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