He’s one of the foremost wildlife painters working today. His paintings are rich in color and expressive in touch. This artist’s endless fascination with Western landscapes and wildlife is highlighted with intense power and beauty in a solo exhibition.
Growing up in West Texas, William Alther developed a passionate interest in art and the natural world at a very early age. Eventually this fascination led Alther to a career in zoology and wildlife biology at the Denver Museum of Nature & Science for nearly 13 years. Luckily for us, Alther began focusing on his art full-time after 2004 and has quickly risen in the ranks as one of the nation’s top wildlife painters.
His works will undoubtedly feel right at home on the walls of Legacy Gallery in Jackson, Wyoming, next month as Alther and his art are the subjects of a compelling solo exhibition. Featuring the artist’s newest works, the show will be yet another display of Alther’s command of wildlife and natural beauty in brush and paint. The exhibition will open on July 1 and run through July 10, with an artist reception on July 7.
To learn more, visit Legacy Gallery.
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