As a child, did you ever think the moon was made of cheese? Or that there existed the ever elusive “Man in the Moon”? Forming elaborate mythologies, history, and culture, even adults have mused on the moon, including artists.
A fascinating exhibition has been unfolding in Northport, New York, at the delightful Haven Gallery. “La Lune” is a tantalizing group exhibition featuring some 35 artists who’ve made all things lunar their subjects. On view now through July 31, “La Lune” explores the culture, myth, and history of the moon through the eyes of talented contemporary artists.

Syd Bee, “Achelois,” oil on wood, 12 x 18 in. (c) Haven Gallery 2016

Via the gallery webpage, “The moon has pervaded history, culture, myth and the natural sciences since the earliest people walked the planet. Multiple meanings interpreted through forms of magic, folklore, empirical theories and conclusions, religious scriptures and more can be found among cultures from all over the world. ‘La Lune’ asks artists to contemplate and create a work of art based off of these empirical, spiritual, fantastical and/or religious views of the moon amidst historical and contemporary society. Interpretations may span past humanity to include the effects of the phases of the moon on the animal kingdom and botany as well. Additionally, inspiration will be derived from ancient times, such as goddesses of Greek Mythology dedicated to the moon to modern day media including comics, movies and music.”

Kelly McKernan, “Pathos,” watercolor and gouache on paper, 16 x 16 in. (c) Haven Gallery 2016

Among many more, some artists featured in the show include Sonya Palencia, Chris Mars, Kukula, Scott Fischer, Joseph Weinreb, Zoé Byland, Jacub Gagnon, and Kindra Nikole.
To learn more, visit Haven Gallery.
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