“Snake River Kid”
oil on canvas sketch
9 x 12 in.

About the Artist:
Jim Wilcox is inspired by subjects throughout the world, and light, atmosphere, and design are his primary interests. His awards include the Prix de West purchase award in 1987, the Remington award for excellence in painting in 2002 and 2007 in the same show, seven awards in the Arts for the Parks show, including the 1994 purchase award, the Buffalo Bill Art Show purchase award in 2001; the Masters of the American West purchase award in 2013, and many others. His work can be seen in many museums, private collections, and publications, including the book; Canvassing the West: The Work of Jim Wilcox.
The 29th Annual Western Visions Show & Sale is carefully curated and includes both traditional and contemporary sketches, paintings, and sculpture. Western Visions is the cornerstone of Jackson Hole Fall Arts Festival, and includes several fun and social events that allow collectors and artists to interact. Ticket sales and a full list of event details can be found at: www.westernvisions.org.


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