Sharply rendered with precision and verisimilitude, San Francisco receives a unique look from painter Juan Escauriaza during this magnetic solo exhibition. Where and for how long?

Through October at San Francisco’s CK Contemporary gallery is a wonderful solo exhibition that showcases the creative vision of painter Juan Escauriaza. Featuring tightly cropped views of The City by the Bay, Escauriaza’s pictures are rendered with precision, sharp edges, and vivid color.

Juan Escauriaza, “Patriot,” 2015, acrylic on linen, 51 x 63 3/4 in. (c) CK Contemporary 2016

Although this show in particular focuses on San Francisco, Escauriaza has often turned his artistic lens on the American landscape. CK Contemporary writes, “He visits the US frequently and studies his surroundings, sizing up his chosen milieu for subject matter. Inevitably, he is drawn to those elements of the landscape that many of us pass by without registering a second glance. By way of acrylic brushed on linen with masterful prowess, Escauriaza reminds his viewers of the poetry of place and the beauty of the prosaic.”

To learn more, visit CK Contemporary.

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