The Rice Gallery of Fine Art is proud to play host to a magnetic solo exhibition of recent paintings by Aaron Norris, whose works emphasize the importance of taking a second look at and finding beauty in Midwest scenery.
He was raised outside of Garden City, Missouri, so it shouldn’t come as a surprise that painter Aaron Norris has a highly developed appreciation for Midwestern landscape. To the untrained eye, many of the scenes around Kansas, Minnesota, Missouri, Iowa, and the Dakotas might at first appear mundane, but a slight shift in perspective reveals uncanny beauty. Part of Norris’ artistic mission is to help illuminate the beauty through is splendid landscapes. And to be sure, Norris does this incredibly well.

Aaron Norris, “Lighted Stage,” oil, 24 x 48 in. (c) The Rice Gallery of Fine Art 2016

He writes, “I’ve always loved the look, smell, and sound of an unrestrained thunderstorm or the way a snow-front moves in and blocks out the horizon. I want my work to reflect the ambivalence of nature and the idea that, at any moment, a serene sky can turn violent if it wants to. I want to feel that energy when I’m painting. I want to feel exhausted after completing a piece of art. I want to create thoughtful, transcendent landscapes that are tangible and compelling to the viewer.”

Aaron Norris, “Dirt Road Oil Co.,” oil 38 x 26 in. (c) The Rice Gallery of Fine Art 2016

Norris’ recent works — now on display at the Rice Gallery of Fine Art in Overland Park, Kansas — achieve all this and more in a solo exhibition. On view through the end of November, Norris presents a number of stunning Midwestern vistas sure to evoke nostalgia, awe, and more in viewers.
To learn more, visit The Rice Gallery of Fine Art.
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