The Gift You Keep Giving

Norman Rockwell, “The Golden Rule,” 1961, oil on canvas, 44 1/2 x 39 1/2 in. (c) Norman Rockwell Museum Collections 2016

That time has come when all of us here at Fine Art Connoisseur reflect upon the many artful fortunes of 2016 and step away for a two-week intermission to enjoy the season’s blessings. First, however, a note from the Editor to you and yours.

Let me begin first by offering my sincere gratitude to you, our readers. Your passion for traditional, representational art is the bedrock upon which Fine Art Connoisseur stands, and it is our hope that you will continue to offer your support and constructive feedback on our magazine and newsletter, Fine Art Today, in 2017.

Nearly every day I have to pinch myself to ensure all of this is real. It is a great privilege bringing you the current happenings in the traditional art world, and I look forward to discovering the artful treasures that 2017 will bring with you.

2016 was an incredible year, and Fine Art Today reported on a broad scope of topics and events from all across the globe. From London to Los Angeles and Tokyo to France, we’ve seen many solo and group exhibitions, successful and record-breaking auctions, and unbelievable discoveries. This year also saw the addition of a new feature to Fine Art Today, the “Portrait of the Week.” Since August, these stories have allowed me to delve into one of history’s most important genres, investigating its myriad conceptual and aesthetic possibilities. We’ve looked at some of the most important visages in art history, from Rembrandt to Klimt and Ingres to today’s masters. The “Artist Profile” feature has continued to allow our readers exclusive access to the minds of the creative geniuses of our day, revealing their inspirations, processes, and goals. This rewarding section is one of the most enriching of my life, and I hope it continues to brighten yours.

I would also like to send my thanks to all of the artists, galleries, and art institutions who have graciously provided the time, effort, and materials that have made Fine Art Today possible. It is our goal and hope that the newsletter has provided you a platform upon which the traditional arts can continue to be celebrated and promoted.

Finally, our team here at Streamline Publishing cannot go without mention. I work with an incredible group of hardworking individuals who have patience and flexibility. Thanks to all of you! In particular, I’d like to thank the marketing team, who work tirelessly to keep our publications financially supported. It’s an incredibly tough world in sales, and we’re lucky to have each of you. To our web developer and IT specialist Dale Dubilowski: You “da man”! Without your dedication and expertise, I’m not entirely sure where our digital platforms would be, and we’d all hate to find out. Finally, to our founder and publisher, B. Eric Rhoads: You always lead with grace, passion, and professionalism. Thank you for the opportunity to learn about and explore this beautiful expression we call art.

I know I speak for all of us at Streamline Publishing and Fine Art Connoisseur in wishing you and your family a most joyous and safe holiday season. We all certainly look forward to bringing you more outstanding content in 2017. Cheers!

With warmest regards,

Andrew M. Webster

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