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Part of our mission here at Fine Art Connoisseur is to help promote artists who embody the very best of representational art. We’re a big fan of this accomplished sculptor, who just launched a campaign you should consider being a part of.

It’s a tantalizing idea and, if successful, will see her magnificent sculpture “Spiritual Sisters” land in the permanent collection at the European Museum of Modern Art (MEAM) in Barcelona, Spain. Master sculptor Lori Shorin is no stranger to Fine Art Connoisseur — we’ve covered her several times and her works are definitely worthy of both the MEAM’s attention and yours.

Lori Shorin, “Spiritual Sisters,” 2014-2015, bronze, (c) Lori Shorin 2017
Lori Shorin, “Spiritual Sisters,” 2014-2015, bronze, (c) Lori Shorin 2017

Shorin recently began a crowdfunding campaign on the Indiegogo website that has reached 5 percent of its goal — and we’d like to see that number grow. The sculpture in question, “Spiritual Sisters,” displays two female nudes reclining together in relaxation. The beautiful work was part of a stunning exhibition in 2015 at the MEAM, and the museum is seeking to acquire the sculpture for its permanent collection. Unfortunately, the museum — as a relatively new institution — doesn’t have the funding for the full purchase.

As an incentive, those who participate in the campaign have the option to land some great perks and awards, including a small bronze version of “Spiritual Sisters,” a digital print of the sculpture, a hand-written note of thanks, a plaster portrait bust, and much more.

We certainly encourage you to consider making a donation and making art history!

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