Lauren Amalia Redding, “Tia Bertha as Ceres,” 2014, silverpoint and goldpoint on gessoed paper, 10 x 8 in. © Lauren Amalia Redding

A captivating display of contemporary silverpoint opens tomorrow, featuring dozens of international artists. How are artists utilizing this deep-rooted medium today? Find out here.

Marbury NYC will open its highly anticipated group exhibition “Argentum: Contemporary Silverpoint” tomorrow, April 28. On view through May 12, the exhibition calls our attention to the oft forgot, but deeply rooted, silverpoint medium. Using a stylus of pure silver, an artist can draw on paper prepared with a coarse gesso. The hardness of the silver creates extremely fine and detailed lines, not too dissimilar from the quality of line found in etchings.

Dennis Angel, “Diamas,” silverpoint and gold on tinted paper, © Dennis Angel
Dennis Angel, “Diamas,” silverpoint and gold on tinted paper, © Dennis Angel

Although ancient in origin, the medium flourished in Renaissance Europe until the introduction of graphite lead offered artists a more affordable and forgiving tool for drawing. However, despite the advantages offered by lead, chalks, and ink, silverpoint has remained an outright technique enjoyed by artists worldwide.

Lori Field, “Bete Noire,” silverpoint on panel, 20 x 16 in. © Lori Field
Lori Field, “Bete Noire,” silverpoint on panel, 20 x 16 in. © Lori Field

With its practice in the 21st century rare, the opportunity to absorb stellar examples of silverpoint is one worth taking, especially when the exhibition includes superb international talent. Twenty-eight artists will be featured in the upcoming show at Marbury NYC; they include Dennis Angel, James Xavier Barbour, Lisa Bartolozzi, Noah Buchanan, Lauren Caldarola, Sherry Camhy, Harvey Citron, Casey Concelmo, Jeannine Cook, Diana Corvelle, Steven DaLuz, Randall DiGiuseppe, Lori Field, Evan Kitson, Sam Knecht, Aimi Li, Shanga Manning, Tom Mazzullo, Mary Anne McCarthy, Walter Meigs (1918-1988, courtesy Harmon-Meek Gallery), Lauren Amalia Redding, Raphael Sassi, Edward Schmidt, Laura Shechter, Ben Shechter (1940-2016, courtesy Laura Shechter), Dan Thompson, Cheryl Wheat, and Joseph Ventura.

An opening reception for the show will take place on Saturday, April 29 from 6-9 p.m. To learn more, visit Marbury NYC.

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