Paula Schuette Kraemer, “At the Feeder (2/20),” drypoint, monoprint, monotype, 30 x 42 inches

Savoring spring is the message Ann Korologos Gallery is projecting to the public with a magnetic exhibition “Spring in the West,” which features a dazzling array of local and national creativity.

The season of rebirth doesn’t take long to evolve into the dog days of summer, so Ann Korologos Gallery in Basalt, Colorado, invites you to savor spring through the brilliant works of 30 accomplished artists. Titled “Spring in the West,” the show is a premier showcase for Western contemporary art and includes an assorted array of styles.

Brett Scheifflee, “Midsummer Mirage,” oil on panel, 12 x 24 inches
Dan Young, “View from Camp Fairview Lake,” oil on panel, 15 x 21 inches
Leon Loughridge, “Cool Morning Shrine Pass,” pastel, 16 x 12 inches
Marie Figge Wise, “Missing Colorado,” oil on panel, 24 x 30 inches
Peggy Judy, “Palomino Mare and Foal,” acrylic on canvas, 48 x 36 inches
Sherrie York, “Dinner Party (5/182/5),” reduction linocut, 18 x 18 inches

On view through June 9, the exhibition includes bold post-expressionist still lifes by Angus Wilson, drypoint monoprints by Paula Schuette Kraemer, linocuts by Sherrie York, classical yet contemporary horses by Amy Laugesen, and photography by Tom Korologos. Other represented artists include Devin Pool, Dan Young, Gayle C. Waterman, Squire Broel, Marie Figge Wise, Kathryn Rabinow, Michael Kessler, Leon Loughridge, Anne Sherwood Pundyk, Peggy Judy, Brett Scheifflee, and Heather Foster.

To learn more, visit Ann Korologos Gallery.

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