Jeanya Charles, “The Little Sister,” oil, 30 x 40 inches (Gold Medal, Associate/Signature Division)

Winning artists from the Oil Painters of America’s 26th Annual National Juried Exhibition are here, and we have the full list!

Events just wrapped up in Cincinnati, Ohio, for the OPA’s 26th Annual National Juried Exhibition. The exhibition was hosted by Eisele Gallery of Fine Art, and juror William Whitaker waded through hundreds of submissions before revealing his winners.

Jan Peng Wang, “Plateau Smoke,” oil, 20 x 16 inches (Gold Medal, Master Signature Division)
Ardith Starostka, “Little Bird,” oil, 30 x 20 inches (Silver Medal, Associate/Signature Division)
Sherrie McGraw, “On the Night of the Night Fires,” oil, 30 x 40 inches (Silver Medal, Master Signature Division)
David Gray, “Boy,” oil, 18 x 24 inches (Bronze Medal, Associate/Signature Division)
Christopher Zhang, “Old Man Smoking Pipe,” oil, 40 x 30 inches (Bronze Medal, Master Signature Division)
Adam Clague, “Book Club,” oil, 23 x 32 inches, (The Dorothy Driehaus Mellin Fellowship for Midwestern Artists)

In the Associate/Signature division, Jeanya Charles’ “The Little Sister” was the 2017 Gold Medal Award winner, earning the artist $25,000 cash, while Jan Peng Wang took home the Gold Medal Award for “Plateau Smoke,” earning the artist $7,500. Ardith Starostka and Sherrie McGraw earned Silver Medals for “Little Bird” and “On the Night of the Night Fires,” respectively, which came with a two-page featured article in American Art Collector magazine. David Gray’s “Boy” and Christopher Zhang’s “Old Man Smoking Pipe” were deemed 2017’s Bronze Medal winners, which garners them a full-page ad in PleinAir magazine and Fine Art Connoisseur. Finally, Adam Clague’s “Book Club” was awarded the Dorothy Driehaus Mellin Fellowship for Midwestern Artists, which earned the artist $20,000 in cash.

To learn more, visit the Oil Painters of America.

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