Daniel Gerhartz, “Dancer En Plein Air,” 2017, oil, 36 x 36 inches

An opening reception will be held on July 7 for a major solo exhibition featuring the works of accomplished painter Daniel Gerhartz, whose timeless and romantic painting style has captivated viewers for years. Who’s the host?

“I don’t tire of classic beauty,” suggested artist Daniel Gerhartz when discussing his latest body of work. Collectors, galleries, and art enthusiasts aren’t getting tired of Gerhartz’s classic beauty either, and Meyer Gallery in Santa Fe, New Mexico, is expecting huge turnout for the artist’s latest solo exhibition that captures the inherent beauty of sacred-idyllic subjects. “I’m so enamored and captivated by classic beauty in every form,” says the artist, “and I’ve been gifted with a talent to convey that.”

Daniel Gerhartz, “Azure and Gold,” 2017, oil, 56 x 32 inches

With his expressive brushstrokes and a vibrant, harmonious color palette, Gerhartz’s creative reach extends to nearly every classic genre, including portraiture, landscape, narrative, still life, and figurative. “For his upcoming solo exhibition,” the gallery reports, “Gerhartz will present a series of works based on the poetic movement of ballet dancers in addition to his still lifes, landscapes, and figurative female portraits.

Daniel Gerhartz, “Contemplative,” 2017, oil, 30 x 24 inches

“Gerhartz’s enchantment with inherent beauty, whether it be a single blade of grass, the expression on his child’s face, or the bold colors of a morning sunrise, stems from his own spiritual nature and devotion to sharing imagery that strikes him as awe-inspiring. The artist’s work consists of classical subject matter rendered in a passionate and devotional manner, resulting in dynamic oil paintings that emanate the artist’s imbued intention. Rolling hills from his Wisconsin homeland, symbolic settings inspired by a piece of poetry or music, a poised female figure or intimate human gesture are common subjects found in Gerhartz’s work.

Daniel Gerhartz, “To Cherish,” 2017, oil, 27 x 40 inches

“His latest series captures the dedication, graceful intention, and astounding movement embodied by ballet dancers as he symbolically paints ballerinas in varied settings. ‘Dancer En Plein Air’ bows over a mountaintop while the figure in ‘Azure and Gold’ stands poised on a stage surrounded by streams of radiant light and color that seek to elevate her presence from the canvas.”

“Daniel Gerhartz: Solo Exhibition” opens on July 7 with a reception from 5-7 p.m. and will remain on view through July 13. To learn more, visit Meyer Gallery.

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