Nelson White, “Bagno Martinelli,” 2016, oil, 5 1/2 x 8 1/4 inches

Important American painter and third-generation artist Nelson H. White will mount a stunning arrangement of more than 25 paintings at Grenning Gallery in New York this summer. His skillful strokes capture gorgeous landscapes, and viewers will be left with a lasting impression.

Third-generation artist Nelson H. White has been surrounded by great art since birth as both his father and grandfather were important American painters. Born and raised in Connecticut, White had the opportunity to observe and meet many of the greatest impressionists of the early 20th century, undoubtedly using their influence to create his own unique and individual style.

Nelson White, “Bahama Scene,” 2014, oil, 4 x 11 inches

On view from July 8 through July 23 at Grenning Gallery in Sag Harbor, New York, White will be presenting a carefully selected body of about 28 recent paintings. Although the exhibition features a cityscape and self-portrait, it is largely composed of remarkable seascapes and beach views in strong horizontal orientation.

Nelson White, “Dering Harbor,” 2016, oil, 4 x 11 inches
Nelson White, “The Palm,” 2013, oil, 18 x 32 inches

Via the gallery, “Although he has received instruction from some very important artists, White’s work is highly individual. He paints with great spirit. Upon seeing his work one quickly senses White’s great love for nature and the outdoors. Through his eyes we are able to view and interpret nature in an intimate manner. Whether Nelson H. White is painting the Connecticut shore, a beach in Italy, a pond on Shelter Island, or the hills of Vermont, he allows the observer to view a soft, yet dramatic side of nature. His ability to use color, coupled with rich brushwork and a graduation of light, air, and atmosphere allows one to enjoy a certain mood which is clearly conveyed in White’s paintings. It is a mood that leaves us with a lasting impression.”

To learn more, visit Grenning Gallery.

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