Jesus Navarro, “Catching a Ride,” oil on canvas, 20 x 31 inches

The mesmerizing hyper-realist paintings by Spaniards Jesus and Iban Navarro feature during a blockbuster joint exhibition at this established gallery in the Southwest.

“Oil & Water” will leave viewers stunned and awestruck at the capabilities a few possess to turn pigment, vehicle, and support into seeming three-dimensional perfection in two dimensions. Featuring the hyper-realist paintings of Jesus Navarro and Iban Navarro, Gallery 901 in Santa Fe, New Mexico, can barely wait to open its doors for “Oil & Water” on July 28.

Iban Navarro, “The Catch of the Day,” egg tempera and watercolor, 24 x 36 inches

The show, which will remain on view through August 28, will be both artists’ first in the United States, and each will be in attendance at the gallery for the opening reception, slated for 5 p.m. on July 28. “Father and son painters Jesus and Iban Navarro form a duo of talented artists that reach a remarkable level of hyper-realism,” the gallery writes. “Skillfully manipulating color and light, the two exceptional painters capture a stunning representation of every scene they create, ranging from vibrant floral arrangements to waves crashing against the Spanish coast. Perhaps most importantly, the influence they impart on each other proves that similarity may be found in diversity. Through employing different artistic techniques and images, both artists compose their works with classical foundations while adding unique technical elements to their paintings. Jesus masterfully uses oils, while his son Iban favors watercolors as his primary material. Despite the disparity in media, the pair works together to prove that in the art world, oil and water may sometimes mix.”

To learn more, visit Gallery 901.

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