Jane Barton, “House Boats,” oil on canvas, 20 x 20 inches

In 2017, American Women Artists is launching a 25-year initiative to bring the work of women artists into American museums. Their goal is 25 in 25 — 25 museum shows in the next 25 years. This historic undertaking begins next week. Where?

The Tucson Desert Art Museum is the proud host of what will surely be a historic initiative by American Women Artists (AWA). In January 2017, AWA announced that it would be starting “25 in 25,” a project that aims to bring the work of women artists into American museums over the next quarter-century. The exhibition will open on October 13 and continue through December 3.

Ginger Bowen, “Quiet Beauty,” oil on linen board, 16 x 20 inches
Linda Glover Gooch, “Boundless Sanctuary,” oil, 36 x 40 inches

“Over half of the working artists in this country are women,” noted AWA Board President Kathrine Lemke Waste, citing statistics from the National Museum of Women in the Arts, “yet their art is absent from the walls of our museums. Work by women artists makes up only 5 percent of the permanent holdings of art museums in America. Our vision, creativity, and imagination is virtually absent from the cultural record.”

Amanda Houston, “Brilliant Morn,” pastel, 30 x 40 inches
Judith Mackey, “Heavenly Blessing,” oil, 30 x 30 inches
Romona Youngquist, “Changing Season,” oil, 45 x 48 inches

AWA Executive Director Robin Knowlton said, “The national scope of our 25 in 25 campaign beings this fall with a juried show at the Tucson Desert Art Museum. The hope is that we can raise enough donations at each museum show to support a purchase award, guaranteeing the addition of a painting or sculpture, by a woman, in our host museum’s permanent collection.”

To learn more, visit AWA or the Tucson Desert Museum.

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