by Erin Anderson, oil on copper

Dacia Gallery is the proud host of Erin Anderson’s latest solo exhibition, titled “Object.” Exploring modern paradigms of human relationships to one another and to the environment, there’s a lot here to see and ponder.

Opened on November 2 and continuing through December 8, “Object” is once again a remarkable display of artistic and conceptual talent from painter Erin Anderson. Hosted by Dacia Gallery, “Object” will present Anderson’s familiar female nudes against biomorphic copper abstractions.

Erin Anderson, “The Vet,” oil on copper, 30 x 36 inches

As suggested in the press release, “Her work explores modern paradigms of human relationships to one another and the environment. Secondary themes in her work explore modern issues of gender, identity, and body image. Women have long been the focus of figurative artists throughout history. Often stripped of their natural identity they are expected to embody societal ideals and abstract philosophies. This exhibition seeks to address that thinking by showcasing the individual portraits of women, including a self-portrait of the artist, who are not meant to represent anything other than themselves. This show examines our inherent struggles with female objectification and offers a presentation of the female nude, as she is, representing only what she wants, and asking the viewer to be accepting.”

by Erin Anderson, oil on copper

Discussing her work, Anderson added, “I am inspired by complex dynamics and relationships within individuals and groups. Working on copper sheet, my compositions remain anchored in representational figure painting juxtaposed by abstraction. The metal substrate and paint work in concert to communicate layers or levels of reality: one that is easily perceived and directly in front of us and one that can be felt and is dynamic or changing. To explore the connective nature of our experience, I make visual comparisons between the figure and systems in nature. I find that studying the ways in which nature is connected informs the ways I create atmosphere within and around my subjects. The ensuing work is an exploration of our relationships to one another and our fundamental connection with the environment.”

To learn more, visit Dacia Gallery.

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