Three Studies of a Young Woman by Jacob Jordaens | Fine Art Today
Jacob Jordaens, “Three studies of a young woman,” circa 1615, oil on panel, 18 x 25 1/2 inches, presented by Mireille Mosler Ltd

From Jordaens and Tiepolo to Homer and Matisse, the international showcase that is Master Drawings New York (MDNY) returns in 2018.

The annual week-long event has solely been devoted to fine drawings, but will introduce painting and sculpture specialists in 2018. Among many others, some of those specialists include Agnews, Colnaghi, Tomasso Brothers, David Tunick, Jill Newhouse, and Stephen Ongpin. In 2018, MDNY will be hosted January 27 through February 3.

“The art world is changing,” notes Crispian Riley-Smith, chief executive of Master Drawings New York Ltd. “We’re changing, too, in order to remain relevant in the market, while maintaining the high level of connoisseurship for which we are known.”

The Breakwater by Winslow Homer | Fine Art Connoisseur
Winslow Homer, “The Breakwater,” (1883), watercolor, courtesy Findlay Galleries

According to the press release: “The addition of a special section of paintings and sculpture dealers serves dual ends. MDNY leadership sees the expansion as a way to offer the visitor a richer and more layered art-looking experience, while the core strength of the show remains fine drawings. The expansion also is a way to present a critical mass of exhibitors without lowering the show’s standards. Notes Riley-Smith, ‘There are fewer top notch drawing dealers today than when MDNY was established twelve years ago. This year’s addition allows us to maintain the overall quality of our show and its nucleus of highly regarded drawing specialists.’

“Says Cade Tompkins of Cade Tompkins Projects, one of the new exhibitors, ‘The model for the week-long presentation of works on paper is excellent and may prove to be the new way of organizing dealers in a collaborative manner. Art fairs abound, but MDNY week gathers curators, scholars, and connoisseurs with art dealers bringing their best works to the public. I look forward to sharing today’s contemporary master works with this particular audience in New York.’

Fine Art Watercolor by Nancy Friese | Fine Art Connoisseur
Nancy Friese, “Sand and Waves,” (2017), watercolor, courtesy Cade Tompkins Projects

“In a second significant change, after eleven years MDNY will be moved back a week to continue to coincide with the major drawings and paintings auctions.”

Riley-Smith said, “The change in date ensures that the top collectors, museum directors, and curators who come to town for the auctions can continue to see the treasures that our participants save all year long for MDNY week.”

To learn more, visit Master Drawings New York.

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