Vadim Suvorov, “Pensive in Blue,” oil, 26 x 24 inches

Vanessa Rothe Fine Art is proudly presenting again Realism Without Borders — a 60-piece fine art exhibition and sale that will be held at two esteemed locations, one on the East Coast and one of the West Coast. Featuring Soviet and historic works alongside contemporary works by Russian, Ukrainian, American, French, Swedish, Italian, and English painters, the event aims to connect two centuries and two continents through a shared commitment to realist painting traditions. Details and locations here!

Realism Without Borders started as a group of artists and art historians with a common vision for art. That partnership has grown into a prestigious collection shown through international traveling exhibitions. Curated by Vanessa Rothe with imported works by art historian Akhmed Salakhly, the Realism Without Borders collection can be found year-round at Vanessa Rothe Fine Art in California. Containing about 100 works at any given time, the collection is always changing as works are sold and new works created.

C.W. Mundy, “The Scholar,” oil, 12 x 9 inches

This year’s Realism Without Borders exhibition brings that collection to New York City and will unite an international roster of top artists working in complementary styles. The show will be hosted by the famed Salmagundi Club (New York City) from December 5-December 10, 2017, during the club’s ongoing celebration of 100 years on Fifth Avenue.

Boris Grachev, Soviet Impressionist work, circa 1955, oil, 17 x 13 inches

From Lomakin to Gladchenko, Suvorov to Kovalenko, Westerberg to Lipking, Dunaway to Krimon, the artists in this exhibition give collectors a rare opportunity to view and compare works from America, Europe, and Russia and to purchase these one-of-a-kind finds for their own fine art collections or as gifts. Paintings will range from small affordable gems to large-scale, highly finished works.

Sergey Kondratyuk, “Reflections,” oil, 15 x 32 inches

Realism Without Borders also celebrates the new opportunities that contemporary culture affords. Artists from all over the globe can now share images of their work through social media and are influencing one another across borders. This exhibition celebrates the blurring of those boundaries and borders, in both the literal sense and the stylistic execution of the works.

Jeremy Mann, “NYC 39,” oil, 18 x 18 inches

“We share an admiration of both realist and impressionist art, and many of our artists in fact combine these styles in order to make strong, visually appealing works,” says Rothe. “The viewers will see similar works and styles being created from opposite ends of the world, finding unity and likeness in both subject and stroke. Some follow the strong realist techniques of Russia’s Levitan landscapes, other styles are reminiscent of the loose and layered brushwork of California Impressionist Edgar Payne, while others are more academic in nature.”

Joshua LaRock, “Elly,” oil, 14 x 10 inches

The 2017 show and sale features newest French artist-member Nicolas Martin, as well as contemporary artists Nick Alm, Grigory Ananiev, Mia Bergeron, John Burton, Michelle Dunaway, Michael Klein, Alexander Kremer, Sergey Kovalenko, Olga Krimon, Joshua LaRock, Jeremy Mann, Nicolas Martin, Dimitri Motov, C.W. Mundy, Robert Pillsbury, Peggi Kroll-Roberts, Ray Roberts, Vanessa Rothe, Valery Shmatko, Vadim Suvorov, Daniil Volkov, and Aaron Westerberg. Historic artists include Alexi Borodin, Boris Gladchenko, Boris Grachev, Oleg Lomakin, Edgar Payne, Yuri Podlaski, Erik Rebane, and Vladimir Telegin.

Artwork on Resale From the Marano Collection include Juliette Aristides, Casey Baugh, Marc Dalessio, Daniel Graves, Jeremy Lipking, Jeremy Mann, Edward Minoff, Julio Reyes, Aaron Westerberg, and Vincent Xeus.

To learn more, visit Vanessa Rothe Fine Art.

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